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9 pm! Do you know where your data is? 3 ways NCA can audit your inside threats.

Posted by Susan Sison on Nov 2, 2015 7:10:39 AM

It may be 9 p.m. for you, but thousands of people will access your data all throughout the night. Outside agents aren’t the only risks: Some of the worst attacks in computing history have been perpetrated by insiders. No one, no matter how skilled, can be on guard 24 hours a day: To maintain access control in a world of ever-increasing threats, proactive techniques are vital.

Experts estimate computer crime costs the global economy more than $500 billion each year, siphoning almost 1% of the entire Earth’s GDP down the drain. A single breach can devastate a firm’s reputation: Just look at the loss of consumer confidence in retailer Target, which absorbed $145 million in direct costs during its own breach, then saw profits fall 46% as customers fled.

When you consider the costs of failure, an investment in protection is well worth it. Flexible, comprehensive online security starts with a complete audit of your network from a recognized team of security experts like the thought leaders at NCA.

At small and large enterprises alike, CISOs consistently bring up these worries:

  • Lack of visibility and control over data resources and who has access to them.
  • Low headcount leading to a dearth of effective assets and training for IT security.
  • Complex PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance rules that lead to liabilities.
  • Unclear audit trails leaving sensitive financial transactions open to attack.

If these concerns sound familiar, a comprehensive data security audit from NCA is the key to quickly and effectively improving the security posture across your enterprise. We provide access control expertise for your entire network infrastructure.

The Danger Within: Three Ways NCA Audits Help

An insider threat by someone with legitimate access to your network is one of the biggest dangers to your enterprise. Not only can the "turncloak" bypass the perimeter layer of security completely, but he or she can often access sensitive data without being detected by even the most advanced access control tools. Expert insight is necessary to recognize and respond to these attacks.

With over two decades of experience, NCA's audits deliver advantages that stop insider threats cold:

1. Better Access Control and Data Governance

Access control is the key to ensuring data resources remain safe, yet most enterprises provide “average users” with far more authority than they need on the network. As with many crimes, insider attacks on a network are prompted by opportunity – partitioning and protecting data helps eliminate temptation and narrows down the suspects in case an attack proceeds.

2. Control of Your Virtualized and Distributed Resources

The turn toward cloud computing has made it easier than ever to harness the power of excellent enterprise technology. Unfortunately, it creates huge access control challenges: Stakeholders can enter your network from anywhere in the world, using devices that may not meet minimum security standards. An NCA audit brings you a step closer to a secure cloud experience, no matter the access conditions.

3. Training and Awareness to Augment Your Security Strategy

Many insider attacks start with a simple oversight by an employee working on your network. This mistake becomes a vulnerability that allows others to hijack access credentials and operate with impunity. NCA training empowers every stakeholder in the enterprise to understand their responsibility in security – making it easier to spot threats before they become crises.

Security is not a luxury – it is a necessity. To learn about the evolving world of insider threats, download the Gartner Report or access the complete e-book from Varonis. To discover more about how a security audit gives you the insight you need to strengthen your security, click here.

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