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6 Cybersecurity Steps to Take This Fall

Posted by Susan Sison on Sep 8, 2017 2:27:32 PM

You can say a lot of things about 2017, but one thing is for certain—information has moved at a frenetic pace. Few can recall a time when data was deployed at such breakneck speed, with such profound impacts. As fall approaches and we begin to settle back into our work routine it is time to look back on the threat landscape and see how we’ve done so far this year.

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4 Tips to Fight SSL/TSL Encrypted Cyberthreats

Posted by Susan Sison on Sep 6, 2017 10:27:27 AM

As of the first quarter of 2017, half of all web traffic is encrypted, according to a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Google is even pressuring more sites to become SSL-certified by programming its search algorithms to give indexing preferences to https sites.

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Rise of the Funnel Cloud: When Good Clouds Go Bad

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 31, 2017 10:10:08 AM

In the simplest terms, the cloud allows users to store and access data and programs on someone else's hardware, usually over the internet, rather than using their local device or network resources. But it is much more than simply offsite storage. It also includes services that allow users to replicate some or all of their local environment, from running applications to designing complex infrastructures. And it needs to be able to scale to lots of users. Simply put, you do not have a "cloud" unless...
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Fireside Chat with Panasonic Avionics: Talking Security for In-flight Infotainment

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 29, 2017 7:10:12 PM

Fortinet recently talked with Michael Dierickx, director of security engineering and information security officer, about Panasonic Avionics' security priorities and the tools they use to keep customers' information safe on today's connected aircraft.
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PhishMe Launches First Free Phishing Simulation Solution for Small Businesses

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 28, 2017 9:10:03 AM

Human Phishing Defense Solution Designed to Reduce SMB End-User Susceptibility to Phishing LEESBURG, VA. - August 10, 2017 - Today PhishMe(R), the leading provider of human phishing defense solutions, announced the availability of PhishMe Free(tm) - a no-cost phishing simulation solution for small businesses under 500 employees to condition employees and fortify their defenses against today's advanced cyberattacks, such as ransomware, business email compromise and spear-phishing. With 90 percent ...
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Cyber Matters: Filling Board-Level Security Shortages

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 24, 2017 10:10:07 AM

By Rob Sloan, cybersecurity research director, WSJ Pro: As the private sector continues to seek ways to mitigate their cyberrisk, organizations are beginning to look to do more than ensure their information technology teams have security expertise. Increasingly, large companies are hiring cybersecurity experts to advise their boards on the best ways to stop data breaches ...
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Because Dark Endpoints = Security Blind Spots

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 22, 2017 1:10:15 PM

Introducing Absolute Reach. The new standard for visibility and control. The post Because Dark Endpoints = Security Blind Spots appeared first on Absolute Security Insider.
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Delivering Fortinet Security to AWS GovCloud Customers

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 21, 2017 8:30:13 AM

Fortinet and Amazon Web Services are committed to delivering world-class security to new AWS GovCloud workloads. With the continuation of our partnership in the new release of AWS GovCloud, we are now able to further protect mission-critical government workloads with six virtual security products optimized for AWS.
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Even the "Smart Ones" Fall for Phishing

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 20, 2017 3:10:04 PM

It's easy to believe that phishing only happens to people who aren't smart enough to detect it. This simply isn't true. As the tech-savvy developers at software company a9t9 have indicated in their statement[1] about a phishing incident last week, even smart developers can be fooled with a phish. As reported by Tripwire, a Chrome plugin developer fell for a phishing attack that allowed the threat actor to take control of a9t9's account in the Chrome Store. This means that the Copyfish plugin built ...
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'Smishing' Cyber Attacks Target Customers Via Text Message

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 18, 2017 8:00:11 PM

A new online scam called "smishing" -- like "phishing" -- is using SMS texts to steal victims' personal information.
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